Quarry Direct

EP Tile and Marble goes directly to the quarry to find the most unique stone available!

Superior Quality

All slabs are hand selected to assure the highest quality for our customers!
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Phenomenal Freight

We have some of the fastest delivery available. If we don’t have it in stock we can get it in as little as 14 days!


EP Tile and Marble focuses on only the most premium grade granite available. We travel throughout the world to find the stone at its source. Here you will see the Crema Bordeaux quarry. It is just north of Rio de Janeiro, near Juparana Lake.

This photo offers a clear view of the blocks being quarried. Close observation will reveal the different veining along the granites surface. We go the extra mile to choose only the best of these blocks!

Once the blocks are cut into slabs, they are placed onto a surface polishing machine where they are smoothed, honed and finally polished to a mirror like reflection.

Then each slab is inspected to assure they meet our standards before they are shipped to you!!

The east coasts source for the HIGHEST QUALITY granite and marble.

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